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I welcome to all visitors in the OnlinePregnancyGuides.com

I am not here to writing how I got inspire from such site of pregnancy neither my friends forced me to build this site for sharing my experience which conclude one of the magical event in medical history but I think about all those thousands of teenagers, girls and mature aunts whom becoming moms and desire to know all about the pregnancy, its symptoms, what precautions should take before and after the pregnancy, its curing, getting problems and its remedies, and off-course about the baby, and her caring and problems. So I decided to build a comprehensive web site like forum where all women who newly pregnant or having another pregnancy may read and understand pregnancy needs and desires, and also know all about latest research and up-coming information about step to step process of this world greatest creation.

I believe every women who are preparing for pregnancy or got pregnant will consult with their gynecologist but during 1-40 WEEKS of pregnancy they should be aware from every steps of their pregnancy. You can’t do nothing during pregnancy because it’s all a natural process BUT you may CARE, and FIND one, providing you’re willing to implement a few simple lifestyle changes.

I also would like to appreciate and share your pregnancy experience and valid suggestions or advice regarding improvement of the site.

Dr. Aatika

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