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Am I Pregnant? – Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms

When first pregnancy symptom arrives an immediate pleasant question popping up in your mind that really am I Pregnant? and the very early symptoms of pregnancy are the foremost indicators of the new phase that would begin in a matter of few months. Pregnancy is a phenomenal change, which carries along with its package of pleasant wishes, joy, apprehensions and loads of responsibility. The cute smiles of the new born and changed relationships, all together impart a new perspective to life. This bundle of joy demands utmost care at every stage, especially during the pregnancy period.

Immediate Attention

As mentioned, each and every stage of pregnancy is highly important. The initial stages are even more crucial because of threat of miscarriage is at its peak in these initial weeks of pregnancy. Thus to take appropriate steps right away it is important to know when the pregnancy period begins.

Unfortunately, however, there is no precise guide or process to know about the beginning of the process of pregnancy on the day it begins. It is only after a few days, could be more than a month, that any medical test would confirm the news. Before that, only the first pregnancy symptoms can be relied upon. Therefore, if you are prepared to start family and expecting some news, then it becomes important to keep an eye for that first week sign of pregnancy.

Initial Sign and Symptom of Pregnancy

Early pregnancy symptom can vary a lot from woman to woman as well as pregnancy to pregnancy. Some experience a lot of them and some experience quite a few. Almost every pregnant woman experiences pregnancy symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of Early Pregnancy – do you have any one or more of these

The symptoms of pregnancy occur due to hormonal changes that happen during the pregnancy, and can be further confirmed with a blood test. First pregnancy symptoms can be noticed in about 2 – 3 weeks after the last menstrual cycle. The most common sign and symptoms of pregnancy are:

Missed Period:

The most indicative entry in the signs of pregnancy however is a missed period, which obviously would take a few more days to be apparent. A missed menstrual cycle is generally associated with an early symptom. It is usually the first indicator of pregnancy that a woman can recognize at home only, although some women claim to know they are pregnant before they miss a period. It does not confirm that you are pregnant, and it cause may be delayed in cycle, due to stress, some kind of illness, and loose or gain of weight. However cessation of oral contraceptives or a polycystic syndrome could also play the role of missed period, which also could be get into immediate consideration.

Pregnancy Bleeding or Spot Bleeding:

This also among the pregnancy symptoms that might confuse in this context. Increased vaginal discharge and bleeding is expected during pregnancy. So do not panic or confuse it with any medical complications. Many women notice mild bleeding and for some it could be heavy. Some women report what seems to be a short light period before the onset of other symptoms. This may be implantation bleeding and not a menstrual period at all. You are pregnant and you experience spotting check in with your doctor, as spotting is also an indicator of miscarriage, however, in early stage of pregnancy Spotting is a common early pregnancy symptom in most women and is quite normal. In either situations however, informing the health care practitioner is a must.

Morning Sickness or Nausea:

Nausea associated with morning sickness, which cause due to increased smell sensitivity and intensified hormonal activity, and that may be another important early pregnancy signs and symptoms, that is also indicative of the news towards this direction, which may occur early 2 weeks from conception and continue up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, which may differ up to 20 weeks and sometime 30 weeks in such case, Many women say that they have had nausea up to two weeks before an expected menstrual period and before any other symptom. Eating crackers before getting out of the bed in the morning can help with morning sickness and eating several smaller meals instead of larger ones can help with nausea related to morning sickness.

Tiredness and fatigue:

This is very characteristic of pregnancy, but may due to some other reasons also. That could be early sign of pregnancy but not definitely itself. If possible steal out time from daily chores to take small power naps in between. Getting such pains or headaches which begin from six weeks of pregnancy are also quite common in early pregnancy, however, a quick power nap could more help prevent headaches while you are pregnant, while Toxemia might be begin with headache, and that could be harmful to your pregnancy which must concern with your doctor or health consultant immediately.

Frequent Urination:

This might occur within 2 weeks after conception, which force regular washroom visits, and overindulgence towards consuming junk food or foods with high acidic content might directly lead to pregnancy constipation.

Tender Swollen Breasts:

These are another early symptom, while tender breasts are a symptom of an impending menstrual cycle, enlarged breasts are not. Sore and swollen breasts with a tingling sensation can be an early indicator of pregnancy. Most women experience greater tenderness of their breast with changing of color of the nipples or areola towards darkness within a week of their pregnancy.


An abnormal heartburn also can be felt as an early pregnancy symptom throughout the pregnancy, and such hormonal changes causes heartburning in month 1-4 as early sign of pregnancy.

Some women feeling queasy to certain foods due to heightened sense of taste and smell while experienced an unexpected craving to eat anything specific, at any odd hour is also a part and parcel of pregnancy package. It could hit at 2 in the night or just after a heavy breakfast. The initials signs and symptoms of pregnancy are not limited to the mentioned. Every woman’s body is different and reacts differently to have its own customized set of first pregnancy symptoms.

First-time every mother could confused in such signs of pregnancy together with other symptoms of illness. If you have any early pregnancy symptom like above, be sure to take a home test. It is important to receive prenatal care immediately, if the result is positive. Your doctor will tell you to take prenatal vitamins with folic acid in them as it can prevent some birth defects. Be noted that pregnancy symptoms differ from woman to woman and every woman has to be cautious and be regular with their doctors.

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