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best foods to eat during pregnancy

Best 7 Foods to Eat During Pregnancy | Perfect Balance Diet

It is very important for the pregnant women to receive proper nutrition during the pregnancy to make sure that the unborn child will be healthy and well-developed. There are some important foods that every expecting woman should eat because she is not only eating for herself but for her baby.

There are some specific food that contains essential vitamins and nutrients that is necessary to take for the pregnant woman for the healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Iron Rich Foods:

Iron are important for the pregnant woman to confirm that the baby receives sufficient amounts of oxygen and over-all blood supply for the mother and child. A lot of pregnant women have to face the iron-deficiency anemia during the pregnancy and it affects the new baby’s development. For the sufficient amount of iron, expecting women should eat meat, liver and poultry.

Vitamin `C’ Rich Food:

Which the pregnant women must intake on the part from the iron-rich foods. This Vitamin is considered to be an ideal ingredient in repairing damaged tissue for mother and new born baby. It also increases the mother’s immune system and also helps in absorbing iron. Women can easily get the Vitamin-C from the citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, strawberries, tomatoes and peppers.


Pregnant women must include the carbohydrates in their diet specifically the complex carbohydrates. The reason is that it contains important nutrients like Iron and B vitamins. A dose of complex carbohydrates can easily get from the whole grain pasta, oatmeal and wheat bread.

Protein-rich foods:

These are also considered to be a good food to eat during the pregnancy period since they help in cell building for the fetus. Protein can easily get from animals and plants both sources, like meat, poultry, fish, tofu and legumes.


For the development of the baby bone, teeth and muscle, pregnant woman should take sufficient amounts of calcium. If a pregnant woman doesn’t take sufficient calcium the developing baby will absorb this part from mother and in the result women have to face osteoporosis afterwards. The cheese, milk, yogurt and vegetables are a good source of the calcium.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:

These are the important part of diet for any pregnant women, the reason is that it contains the most important nutrients, minerals, vitamins, riboflavin, folic acid, magnesium and potassium those are important during all the pregnancy period.  Expecting mothers have to eat fruits and vegetables like carrots, spinach, banana, apples and kale.


These are also include in good and healthy foods to eat during the pregnancy period, but it only be taken in balance form. Fats are necessary for the baby’s development and it also help in absorbing the vitamins. You can include ice cream, butter and mayonnaise in your diet but should not take so much.

With the above mentioned guidelines on best foods to eat during pregnancy, delivery of a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy can easily be possible. To get a healthy and balance meal add these ingredients and foods together with such more vitamins, minimum eight-glasses of fresh water and proper rest. Remember also, never skip meals and try to get small meals frequent to have a healthy pregnancy.

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