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Can You Get Pregnant From Precum

Seriously ? Can You Get Pregnant From Precum? – Reality about Pulling Out

A little knowledge could be dangerous and a bad thing . . . . and this phenomena applies everywhere. Many think that pulling out before ejaculation means there would not be any chances of getting pregnant, but in fact you are taking a big risk. Many ladies are unsure about it and that is why they are wondering “can you get pregnant from precum?” Let’s find it out . . . . . . . .

Precum is a liquid which produces by the male gland. It is secreted to clear up the path for the sperm so that it travels its way out during the ejaculation. It is alkaline in its composition and it has the ability to neutralize the acidic qualities of the urine present there in the urethra. It plays an integral role in making a clear path for the sperm to travel. It produces as the male is the aroused during intercourse.

If precum is responsible for clearing the urethra, then what is it making space for? Probably semen? If the semen contains a living sperm, then the female might get pregnant. If the male withdraws the precum before ejaculation, then it lowers the chances of pregnancy and that is one way of controlling birth even though it is not much reliable.

How pregnancy happens?

Before getting any answer of the question that can you get pregnant from pre-cum, it is important to learn how pregnancy actually happens. Pregnancy is caused when the semen full of sperm released by the male gets inside the vagina. During ovulation, ovaries release matured egg into the vagina. If the intercourse happens during ovulation, and the semen is released into the vagina, the sperms will penetrate the egg and fertilization may occur. That is the way to how the pregnancy will happen. Keep in mind that a sperm has the tendency to live inside the female for up to 5 days. Unprotected intercourse can make a female pregnant even if the ovulation had happened days before.

Is It Possible to Get Pregnant from Precum

#1 Question is can precum get you pregnant? so here is answer For all ladies, it is important to know whether or not precum can make you pregnant. Medical expert says that the chances of getting pregnant from precum are low because it does not contain much sperm. There is evident support of WHO on this fact. A normal ejaculation consists of 100 million sperms in a fluid of just a quantity of single ml. From these 100 million of sperms, only 10 million sperms get to pass the cervical mucus of a female. Then only 1 million sperms out of these 10 million reach the uterine tract. Later, only 100,000 sperms reach fallopian tubes. In case of a precum, there are 3 million sperms per ml, and hence, there are less chances that precum alone will make the woman pregnant. But that does not mean the possibility is next to zero, there is a little amount of chance of fertilization. However, experts say that this fertilization does not happen with precum itself, the sperms present in the vagina from some previous ejaculation might make the female fertile. The possibilities can be decreased if the female urinates between the sexual activities as it can clear the sperm area.

Precum and the withdrawal

Many people think that with the withdrawal method, they can easily prevent pregnancy and they use this method instead of condoms or birth control pills. As per the withdrawal method, the man withdraws his orgasm before he ejaculates into the female. If you think that you are protected because the ejaculation did not enter the vagina, and you are safe, you need to think again. Chances are the precum has entered if not the ejaculation.

The withdrawal method might seem to be a counteractive act against pregnancy, but there are chances that the female might still get pregnant with the precum. There have been cases where men are not able to withdraw in the right time and if that happens and you are not wearing any protection, you might get into big trouble.

If a man is unable to withdraw in time and the ejaculation happens in the vagina, the chances of pregnancy are quite high. Even if he is successful in withdrawing in time, if he did not urinate before sex, the chances of pregnancy are high. The sperm might be in the cavity of the penis and it might reach the vagina with the precum. If the man urinates before the intercourse, then the chances can be reduced. On the other hand, if the man is successful in withdrawing way before the actual ejaculation and in between the interaction, he has urinated, then you should know that the chances of getting pregnant from precum might be low.

How to stay protected from Pregnancy?

The possibilities lie between low and high, but there is no guarantee that the precum will not do anything. If you are not doing anything to ensure that you do not get pregnant, then you are at risk. Therefore, it is always recommended to have a safe intercourse. It is preferable to use condoms so that you can be sure that even if pulling out on time does not work, you are still protected. It is not the right approach to rely on the withdrawal method even if your partner says he knows when to successfully withdraw. If you don’t use protection, you are putting yourself at risk.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that don’t take precum for granted. It is true that it does not contain much amount of sperms, but it can still make you pregnant if there are any remains quantity of sperm inside you or your partner. If the male condom is used correctly, there are 99 percent chances that you will protect yourself from the risk. Now that you know how can you get pregnant from precum, it is the time that you take measures to have safe intercourse. You do not want to take the risk of getting pregnant without any planning, so do what is in your control, so make the intercourse safe. Communicate your concern with your partner so that you both know what you are doing and what it will lead to.

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  1. So can you get pregnant from precum? The short answer is: Yes, you can get pregnant from precum. Though the chances are quite low.

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