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How to Conceive a Boy

How to Conceive a Boy Where Multiple Babies of One SEX

Everyone naturally wants to conceive a healthy baby regardless of sex. However, there is nothing wrong with admitting that sometimes you may have a preference towards one sex or the other. This is true especially with couples or families where there are multiple children of just one sex. Whether you wish to know how to conceive baby boy, you may be searching for any technique out there that can help you increase the odds of one over another. Keep in mind, there are many myths out there that certainly do not carry a lot of weight in reality.


Old Wives Tales on Try to Conceive a Boy:

There are legendary old wives tales that have been handed down for many years and are still believed by some today. Although none of them will cause any harm to you or your baby, they may not give you more than a 50% chance of having a boy. Most relate to foods you can try to increase your chance of giving birth to a bouncing baby boy. Eating salty foods and eating a lot of red meat before you have sexual intercourse is said to result in a male. Also, if you stand up while having sex, this will lead to an increase in your chance of conceiving a boy. These are purely anecdotal, but have persisted as true through centuries.


Biological Facts on Conceiving a Boy

To understand how there can be any external factor you can try to alter your chances of having a boy instead of a girl, you must first understand the difference between the sperm. There are sperm containing the Y chromosome which will give you an XY embryo, which is male. The sperm which carries an X chromosome will combine with the X from the egg to give you XX, a female. The Y (boy) sperm is faster and can swim quicker towards the egg; however it does not survive long. It is short lived. The X (girl) sperm takes it time but can live for days in the mother.


Now you may be asking how a boy conceive fast using this information. Ovulation is the key. The sperm’s main goal is to find the egg. The egg is only viable after ovulation for about 24 hours. If you have intercourse more than 24 hours before ovulation, all of the male sperm will die before the egg is released, whereas the girl sperm can be lingering waiting to fertilize the egg. In order to slightly increase your chance of having a boy, you want to wait to have intercourse right after you have ovulated. This means the egg is already there and the fast swimming male sperm can make it to the egg before the slow swimming female sperm have a chance. You can buy over the counter ovulation kits to know exactly when the window of ovulation has occurred. While these basic biological facts may help increase your odds, there is no way to ultimately guarantee any technique for trying to conceive a boy.


Aside from narrowing down the exact day you may have the window to conceive a boy, there are other little maneuvers in relation to conceive a boy that you may want to try. Working with the theory that fast moving male sperm must get the best shot at reaching the egg, some swear position plays a role. Having sexual intercourse from the rear entry position gives the sperm more penetration and quicker access.


While neither position nor exact day can definitely result in a boy for everyone, these techniques make more sense than relying on salty foods to help ensure a boy over a girl. A slightly more than 50% chance is worth the effort to those who truly desire a boy over a girl.

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