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How to Conceive a Girl

How to Conceive a Girl – Those who don’t Wish Rely on Luck


Since the beginning of time, couples have been trying little techniques to help increase the odds of getting pregnant with one sex over another. When it comes to how to get pregnant with a girl or boy, many centuries of folk lore are mingled with modern scientific theories. While some of them are undoubtedly useless and have no bearing on biology, they were handed down for generations regardless. However, with advances in science, we have found that there are biological reasons that girls and boys are conceived in the womb at certain times. Knowing how and why the sexes are conceived may work to the advantage of those who do not wish to rely on luck.

Myths on How to get Pregnant with a Girl That Some Still Believe

Women have been told to eat chocolate before sex to conceiving a girl. This myth relates to blood sugar and may be where the old saying girls are made of “sugar and spice” may have originated from. Another recommendation that has no real value in conceiving a girl is to eat a massive amount of fish and vegetables. Other than being a healthy way to eat in general, this will do nothing for you. It was once thought and is still told in some circles that having an orgasm during sexual intercourse will help ensure you have a girl. This is based on the idea that an orgasm increase vaginal secretions, allowing the girl sperm to live longer and have a better chance at fertilizing the egg over the fast but short-lived male producing sperm.

Biological Techniques That Make Sense

There is one technique that may carry some value when it comes to get pregnant with a girl. It has been shown that the female producing sperm can live in the woman for several days compared to the male sperm that dies off much quicker. If you have sexual intercourse days before you ovulate, the male sperm theoretically will die off before they have a chance to fertilize anything. The lingering female sperm can still be present and successfully result in pregnancy. Trying this technique requires that you know precisely when you are going to ovulate ahead of time. You can time sex roughly three to five days before ovulation to try this technique. It may slightly increase your odds in getting pregnant with a baby girl. The only downside is that the older the sperm the poorer quality. You can spend a few months using your temperature pattern or an ovulation kit to accurately learn to pinpoint your exact day to ovulate.

Real Way to Make a Significant Increase in How to Conceive a Girl

There is only one proven way to sway the odds and up your chances for a girl to around 70% new approaches to In-Vitro Fertilization can help you alter the statistics. The Percoll density gradient centrifugation technique basically separates the male and female sperm through spinning. The girl sperm can be isolated and implanted, increasing the chances significantly that you will indeed conceiving a girl.

This technique is naturally very expensive and only really done by those who have fertility issues and rely on in-vitro fertilization to have a baby at all. When it comes to altering the workings of mother nature and finding how to get pregnant with a girl, all of the little myths combined with basic timing of sexual intercourse may make the slight difference that pays off in the end.

When you trying to conceive a baby, there could be some problems may occur regarding fertility issues or ovulation. There are such natural way to treat and resolve the problems conceiving a child where some major role played through foods, while some based on scientific theory and logic, we will discussing what foods play role in getting pregnant next.

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