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How to Get Pregnant Fast

Things to Get Pregnant Fast – Getting Pregnant Tips & Tricks

One of the strange truths in life is that while trying not to get pregnant may be the biggest concern for a lot of people during most of their adult lives, finding the ways how to get pregnant fast once they have decided to have children can be a much more difficult dilemma. Conception doesn’t always happen as quickly as couples expect, or as easily as they would like. When it doesn’t, they will start looking for ways to getting pregnant that they believe will speed the process up.

Increasing the Frequency of Intercourse

While it may seem like the most logical approach, increasing the frequency is not the most effective way of conceiving. Although it is possible for conception to occur during any part of your cycle, it is much more likely around the time that you ovulate.

For women who have a regular menstrual cycle, you will produce an egg about 14 days before your period. It is two or three days before the egg is released that you are most likely to conceive. Tracking your most fertile time (ovulation) and increasing the frequency of intercourse during this time is one of the most effective ways to get pregnant.


Stop Smoking and Eliminate Exposure to Second Hand Smoke

Even though you may be planning to stop smoking after you become pregnant, that isn’t enough. Smoking can have a drastic impact on conception and it isn’t just the woman that it effects! Studies have shown that sperm counts in men who smoke can be as much as 17% lower. In addition, those sperm were not as healthy as that of nonsmokers. In women, there are a number of ways that fertility is affected by smoking and it takes a much longer time for them to conceive. Even those who smoke and take fertility medications take longer to conceive than nonsmokers. In addition to giving up smoking you will also need to stay away from others who smoke. Second hand smoke will also reduce your fertility.


Eliminate Stress

Even though there is no research to show a direct link between stress and an inability to conceive, there is evidence that stress reduction is one of the best ways to get pregnant. Basically, studies have shown that stress-reduction is effective in improving fertility but they haven’t yet put all the pieces together to determine why. Meanwhile, for those looking for ways to improve their fertility, do whatever you find most relaxing and don’t worry too much about having sex at the right time or too frequently. Take a little time to learn how to relax with stress-reducing therapies to help you get pregnant.


Eat a Healthier Diet

One of the best ways to getting pregnancy and have a healthy pregnancy is to make sure you get all the nutrition you need. Nutrition is another of those aspects of fertility that is commonly overlooked. The reality is that nutrition plays a larger role in getting pregnant than most people think. One study showed that a large number of couples that were infertile were getting a lower-than-average intake of foods that are high in antioxidants. Vitamins C and E are both antioxidants that are believed to play a large role in male fertility.

Some cases of unexplained infertility and men with abnormal semen have been shown to have high blood levels of mercury. While fish may be high in nutrients, a diet high in fish can have negative consequences as well. Some experts recommend cutting back on your consumption of seafood while you are trying to get pregnant.

Lose the Extra Weight

Many women who are overweight don’t want to accept that one of the ways to get pregnant for them is to lose the extra pounds. Obesity has been considered a cause of infertility in women for a long time.

While there are many, many ways to get pregnant that you may find listed on the internet, stick with the ones that have science to back them and research that proves a connection. These are the methods most likely to work and to address any problems you may have!

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