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Sperm Motility

Sperm Motility – How to Improve Low Sperm Motility

You probably know that the sperm must swim into the fallopian tube in order to fertilize an egg. The sperms’ ability to wriggle and swim in order to get to the egg and penetrate it are important to your fertility as well. The sperm motility is an indication of how healthy it is.

How to Increase Sperm Count and Produce High-Quality Sperm

So, your goal is to produce a larger number of sperm that is motile enough to get to the destination point. There are some steps you can take that will accomplish both. For instance:

  • Take a multivitamin You need a variety of nutrients to improve sperm production and a complex multivitamin should have everything you need without your having to figure out what the individual supplements are that you need.

  • Relax

    Even in men, stress can cause hormones to alter the production of sperm and can also decrease sexual function. You should be relaxed before going with your partner, so that you may have better climax, and more fertility to conceive and this will similarly will applies to your partner also, to be relaxed when she try to conceive and get pregnant fast.

  • Eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables

    Make sure you get the antioxidants you need to improve the health of your sperm. And seasoned foods and fresh vegetables are the best diet which helps you out to increase your sperm count, getting better result for their motility, and enhance chances of your fertility.

  • Exercise and watch your weight

    Not only is that great advice on how to increase sperm count, it is great advice for every man who needs to stay healthy for his family. Too much or too little body fat can affect your sperm count and cause an increase in abnormal sperm. An Exercise not only getting you fit, and healthy but also helps to get away your physical and sexual problems and put you in right way and path where your stamina make your sperms able to swim quickly and harder in order to get to the egg fertile.

Other advice on how to increase sperm count that is healthy is to eliminate or reduce exposure to some toxins. Between 50 and 70 percent of a men’s sperms are healthy enough to fertilize the egg, so increasing the number of healthy sperm may be more a matter of reducing your exposure to those factors that damage fertility. Heavy metals, chemicals in solvents, pesticides, tobacco smoke (first or second hand), consumption of alcohol, illicit drug use, hot tubs and hot showers, lubricants, and steroids are all dangers to your fertility, and cause less chance for getting pregnancy.

Prevention is Better than Cure

There are not the way to always take some supplements, foods, exercise, or behavior to get increase your sperms, or its quality, motility and fertility, but to avoid such supplement, foods, exercise, and lifestyle too, avoiding catch better result than taking many and much more supplements.

As you can see, you will find a lot of advice on how to increase sperm count and have healthy, motile sperm. It is just up to you to follow it or not !

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