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Tips to Increase Fertility in Women in Natural Way

Many women spend years of their youth trying to avoid pregnancy. However, when the time comes to start having a family, many women find it a challenge to conceive according to the timeline they have mapped out for themselves. When you want to help the process along, there are simple steps to increase fertility in women that may lead to conception in less time.

While there is plenty of misinformation and old wives tales that have long promised to result in pregnancy, but there are realistic and natural ways to increase your fertility also. Many of the natural techniques simply involve what you put into your body. It is common sense that how healthier you are, the more likely you have a healthy and safe pregnancy. However, the healthier you are also accounts for how fertile you may be. Simply put, overall optimal health can help increase fertility in women.

Fertility by ovulation

Another of the natural ways to increase fertility is to learn when you are most likely to conceive by tracking ovulation. A woman’s most fertile period is around the time of ovulation which is easy to deduct for women with a regular 28-day cycle. Ovulation normally occurs around day 14 but for those with an irregular cycle, you will need to determine when ovulation occurs. You can do this by noting changes in your body and temperature or by investing in an ovulation test kit. Since your odds are much greater of conceiving during ovulation, knowing when it occurs will improve your odds substantially.

Foods and Diet

One way to help increase fertility is to eat the right foods. Getting the majority of your protein from vegetables rather than animal foods is ideal. Also, foods that may help increase fertility in women include beneficial fats. Fats derived from sources such as olive oil can help. Up to two servings of full fat dairy – like milk or cheese – is also known to help your chances of getting pregnant. Remember to keep track of other fat sources if you choose to increase these fats.

Taking Supplements

Aside from the adjustments in diet to help increase fertility, there are supplements that are equally important. Taking supplements like prenatal vitamins is a good idea when trying to conceive. Iron is especially vital because it helps regulate a woman’s cycle.

Fertility with Herbs

There are certain fertility herbs that have also been shown to increase fertility in women.

Chaste berry can help balance hormones which will lead to regulation of the menstrual cycle. This can be essential to timing ovulation.

Evening primrose oil is known for increasing cervical mucus. This makes the environment more conducive to conception.

The herb ‘dong quai’ is also known for balancing hormones. False unicorn root has been shown to stimulate the ovaries.

While herbs for fertility are considered relatively safe, it is always best to let your doctor know if you are taking any herbs regularly and also how much. They can sometimes interfere with other prescription medication. These particular herbs work primarily to keep hormones in balance, which keeps the menstrual cycle in check. If your fertility issues are due to any kind of imbalance or unpredictability in your cycle, they may be of benefit.

If you have been trying to get pregnant for some time and have been given the all clear from your doctor, you may wish to try a few of these tips to conceive. Usually, 80% or more of all women who are trying will get pregnant within a year. If you simply want to improve your chances and try to get pregnant quicker, utilizing these herbs, adding supplements that will improve your health and eating the right kinds of fats are a step in the right direction. They all can help increase fertility in women.

Acupuncture for Fertility:

Perhaps the easiest way to increase fertility in women is to relax and stop focusing so much on your fertility. It is no secret that stress leads to hormonal and cycle disruptions. One highly recommended way to accomplish a stress-free uptick in fertility is acupuncture. This can even help if your fertility problems are not stress related, but due to fibroids or endometriosis. Acupuncture has been proven as a means of reducing the effects of fibroids and endometriosis, therefore increasing your chances of getting pregnant.

Preparing to get Pregnancy:

When you and your partner are more than ready to start trying to have a baby, there are many simple tricks you can try to get pregnant quickly. Once you both have had a medical checkup and there seems to be no issues affecting your fertility, you may be wondering just how to increase fertility.

Simple Changes to Your Life in Both Men and women:

Giving up smoking is one thing you and your partner can both do to up your fertility level. Smoking can lead to miscarriage before you may even realize you are pregnant. This is why it is best to quit before you begin trying to conceive. For the male, smoking actually lowers sperm count. For both men and women, smoking simply adversely affects all efforts to conceive. The sooner you quit, the sooner your body will be ready for pregnancy.

Clinical Depression:

When it comes to know what is important how to increase female fertility, outlook and mental health is important. Women who are anxious or deal with clinical depression typically have a harder time conceiving. A positive outlook and a relaxed mind and body can increase fertility. If you are on medication for depression or any other mental health issue, you will want to discuss your plans for conception with your doctor. Do not simply stop taking any prescribed medication to increase your fertility.

Making yourself more welcoming, so to speak, to your partner’s sperm is one simple step towards increasing the fertility. Avoiding irritants to the vaginal area such as scented sprays, douches or scented tampons is best, even when you are not trying to conceive. Douches especially make the environment difficult for sperm to survive as helpful fluids are stripped from the area. Using mild cleansers are all that is necessary and help give sperm an environment that they can survive in.

It is proven that sperm is more vital and plentiful in the mornings. Therefore, having intercourse in the morning on the days right before ovulation is one way to increase female fertility. The old advice of boxers over briefs is also a vital step to increase fertility in men. It helps the man develop a healthier sperm count.

Fertility and Sex:

Do not assume that when it comes to how to increase fertility that more is always better. Having sexual intercourse every day for the purpose of pregnancy can make it more of a hassle or chore than it should be. Also, studies show that with increased release, sperm quality is reduced. The recommended lapse time to keep tapping into a supply of healthy quality sperm is typically 48 hours. During the few days where ovulation is probable, having intercourse every other day is better.

What you do after sexual intercourse can be just as important to how often you have it when you are dealing with increasing your fertility. Let gravity help. Afterwards, stay lying down for a few minutes to give semen the opportunity to make the journey up the cervix. If you immediately jump up, you decrease the amount of semen that remain inside the cervix and the time the semen need to fertilize the egg.

Keep in mind that with every incident of unprotected sex between healthy, child bearing aged partners, pregnancy will statistically occur 25% of the time. Also, within one year of having consistent unprotected sex, 85% of all couples conceive. It may take time, but these simple adjustments can help you conceive a little quicker and increase your overall fertility.

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