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What is Male Fertility Supplements – When should you consider this?


There are few health conditions that do not have a “natural cure or treatment” available on the market. When couples are trying to conceive, the temptation to look for an herbal treatment for their fertility problem, or a supplement that will increase sperm production or motility and improve the chances of conception may be strong. However, there is limited research as to the real benefits obtained by many of these products and couples should be careful about taking products with ingredients that may hurt more than they help.

When Should You Consider Using a Fertility Supplement?

For many couples, the decision to improve their chances of conception is not based on a diagnosis or even on the amount of time they have spent trying to conceive. Once they have made the decision to start trying, they try to do everything they can to maximize their chances. Just as a woman begins to take `B’ Vitamins and folic acid to ensure a healthy pregnancy, the man may takes variety of supplements to improve the quality of his sperms. After all, this is his contribution to conception whereas the woman must not only conceive but also carry the baby to term and supply all of its nutrition.

Is That Proven to Work?

While there is no compelling evidence that shows any herbal supplement will improve your chance for fertility, one study showed evidence of an increase in sperm motility in men who took a combination of acetyl-L-carnitine and L-carnitine. There was a slight increase in pregnancies in those cases. In a separate study, men who took Vitamin E that had low sperm counts showed a higher rate of fertilization than those taking a placebo. There have also been suggestions that coenzyme Q10 and folic acid may improve sperm count or motility but there have not been enough studies to determine conclusively that they are beneficial.

When You Should not Take a Supplement?

Many people believe that herbal products are always safe to take because they are natural products. This is a dangerous misconception in many cases. While products made with herbs are not monitored for safety like other drugs, they can still act as a drug and may cause dangerous reactions when taken with other medications. This is especially true when you are taking fertility drugs since they are complex regimens that may have unpredictable interactions when taken with a male fertility supplements that contains herbs.

If you are considering taking a supplement for increase of male fertility because of you have been having problems trying to conceive and have not seen a doctor, then you should see a professional first before trying any home remedy. If there is a legitimate, medical reason for your infertility, then it is important to get a diagnosis and a treatment for the problem. You may also be surprised to find out that there is actually no reason that you have not been able to conceive. It is normal for a healthy couple to take a while before pregnancy takes place. Even those who are tracking their fertility and ovulation days and improving their odds of conception often take a year or longer before conception occurs.

When you take a vitamin or other supplement that is normally found in your body and is a part of good nutrition, complications are unlikely. However, such supplements those are famous to increase male fertility, and those contain herbs with no known benefits that may have health risks is never a good idea.

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