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Understanding First Trimester Symptoms Can Make Life Easier

A pregnancy is broken down into three trimesters and the first covers conception to approximately week thirteen. During those first three months a woman will experience a huge amount of physical and emotional change. Although the changes are common to most pregnancies they can affect women in very different ways. Some cope well, or experience minimal problems with nausea or other symptoms, but some will going tough or possibly become ill.

Knowing what kind of symptoms and changes are likely and the time-scale they will probably appear can make coping much easier. Forewarned is forearmed as they say and being prepared in advance can help a lot.

Morning Sickness

Some time within the first few weeks of pregnancy will often be the dreaded time of throwing up. A very lucky few do not suffer this at all but most do some degree. Morning sickness may start from the early second weeks after having conception and last after twelfth weeks, and some cases ended by the whole way through until birth of baby. The majority will find the nausea begins to ease and peter out by the second trimester.

Tiredness and Fatigue

Being dog tired can be very difficult as it can affect your everyday life. Whether a working woman or a home-maker already looking after children, work demands can be a struggle when you constantly feel exhausted. Although morning sickness symptoms would not help a healthy diet with plenty of nutritional energy boosting meals are important. Getting as much rest and sleep as possible is vital during this time. Catnaps or an after lunch snooze can make a huge difference.

Breast Swelling

As the body prepares for birth the female breast begin to swell. Hormonal changes are responsible as the breasts begin the process of producing milk to feed the new infant. The obvious consequence is added sensitivity and painful breasts. Although little can be done to alleviate this making sure a properly fitting bra is worn can substantially reduce the discomfort.

Food Cravings

Despite pregnancy nausea developing a taste for certain or unusual foods is commonplace. Some may find a strong desire for salty, spicy or very sweet foods. Though mainly harmless it can add excess weight. Occasionally a woman may crave a very unusual substance such as chalk or toothpaste. It is thought that a lack of certain minerals is the cause and can be easily resolved by a doctor.

Emotions and Moods Swings

A pregnancy is a roller coaster ride and as the body changes it is flooded with hormones and chemicals. Not surprisingly these hormonal changes will have some kind of effect. Weeping easily or short tempers and all in between may be experienced. This can affect everyone. Again this tends to be a passing phase but treatment can solve it.

While this is not an exhaustive list is does present the most common stages of the first trimester symptoms of pregnancy. Simply by learning and understanding what is involved in the various stages of the pregnancy can allow a woman to be prepared. That way dealing with it can be much simpler.

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