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When Are You Most Fertile

When Are You Most Fertile – Fertile Days to Get Pregnant

While pregnancy can be a mix of scientific fact and mystery, there are certain things you can do to help the process along. When it comes to when are you most fertile, you and your partner can do relatively small steps that may go a long way in getting the job done.


When to have Sex

One thing you should be sure to do first when looking into how can you only get pregnant during ovulation is to know your cycle. Everything about pregnancy centers on your cycle. If you consider the first day of your next period to be day one, count roughly 14 days to pinpoint an approximate ovulation day which would be consider your fertile days to get pregnant. It comes to how do people get pregnant by having unprotected sex a few days before hand. Count to day 9 and consider this the first day you are fertile. If you have sex approximately every 48 hours from day nine to 14, there is a greater chance of becoming pregnant. Having sex rigorously and every day during this time may actually backfire. If a man has sex every 24 hours, the sperm count is actually reduced. This is one time where less is more.


How to have Sex

How you have sex and how you do people get pregnant fast may be slightly related. While there is no exact science that says certain techniques or position guarantee pregnancy over others, some common sense factors can benefit rather than hinder the path to conceiving. Let gravity do its thing. While the sperm is fully capable of swimming, the easier the route, the higher the chance it can reach its goal — the egg. Missionary position, rear entry, or side by side are typically conducive to helping the sperm make its way. Standing or having sex with the woman on top only makes it harder for the sperm to make the trip. One other tip is for after intercourse. Do not rise immediately afterwards. Remain in bed and give the semen time to be fully integrated. If you simply get up, you are basically making it harder for most of the sperm to reach the egg.


Things to Avoid

When it comes to how can you get pregnant after ovulation, remember everything you put into your body can affect your chances. You and your partner may need to thoroughly study any prescription medications you may be on. There are many medications that decrease your fertility and you may not even know it. There are also many prescription medications that are not safe to be on if you do get pregnant. When you are learning how to get pregnancy fast be sure to let your doctor know and possibly refrain from certain fertility pills to get pregnant during the process and the pregnancy.


You also want to avoid inadvertently making a hostile environment for sperm. If you use scented washes, sprays, scented tampons, or douches, you may be causing irritation to the area. This may lead to sperm not being able to survive long enough to fertilize the egg. Refrain from these products in order to give sperm a healthy environment so they can thrive longer.


How to get pregnant fast is not an exact science and there is no sure way to get it done exactly when you want. Knowing your body, taking care of your body and having a partner who does the same can certainly help get you there quicker than if you changed nothing. You can use the position tips and after sex ideas to further help slightly increase the odds of getting pregnant quickly.

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